Our coffee cherries are grown in the lush rainforest region of Coban by a small cooperative of farmers from the Seacal community. The region's unique terroir is manifested through LUDWIG COFFEE'S special roasting process and the natural flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla and citrus are brought to life. Our cold brew process enhances this flavor profile and gives birth to our ready to drink and refreshing cold coffee drink THAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK! 

  • Roasted & Micro Batched in: Brooklyn, NYC
  • Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee (Red Bourbon Varietal), Water
  • Specs:  Each bottle contains 8oz, 12 ergonomically designed bottles per case ( each bottle fits most clutch bags & blue jeans back pockets :-)  Cold Brew Club Friendly! 
  • "Use by date" found on the clear side of the bottle. This product is FRESH and has a 30 day shelf-life from the date it was brewed
  • This is an all natural product, Naturally Gluten-Free                       

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