Whole Bean Nicaragua

The Farm, Santa Maria de Lourdes is located at an average altitude of 5,000 feet (ASL), nestled within the pristine canopies of the Nueva Segovia Rainforest in Nicaragua. The Farm’s sustainable farming methods and preservation of the natural habitat awards them partnership in the Rainforest Alliance. Our diligent  selection of specific micro-lots and eye for unique climate conditions that are propense for the growth of outstanding coffee cherries, has rewarded us with a unique Tea like specialty coffee that exhibits notes of Grapefruit, light sea salt and dry cocoa powder, bringing to your palate a signature specialty coffee that manifests the region’s TERROIR. These flavors are further boosted by our special roasting process.  Ready for HOT or COLD brewing methods! LUDWIG COFFEE’S alliance with these local producers fosters a lasting commitment to halt deforestation and the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring sustainability and longevity; our way of saying thank you to mother nature!