SPENSE.IO || Ludwig Coffee || Wholesale Market Place

Ludwig Coffee Begins Distribution With SPENSE.IO

New York City, February 27 2019 – Ludwig Coffee announces collaboration and distribution though SPENSE.IO, an online specialty food marketplace. This specialty marketplace provides Hospitality professionals to specialty and gourmet food product retailers the ability to select from a meticulously curated gourmet line of products that are artisanally crafted and locally sourced.

Conversely, by collaborating and distributing through SPENSE.IO the Ludwig Coffee brand continues to expand and target select retailers that align themselves with the ethos of stewardship and support of small businesses that produce excellent quality products for consumers with a discerning palate.


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Made In NYC || Pratt Institue and Ludwig Coffee Brooklyn, NY

Ludwig Coffee | Made In New York City Press Release

New York City, October 11 2018
 Ludwig Coffee announces collaboration with Made In NYC,a Pratt Center initiative for community development, which utilizes the Pratt Institutes faculty as mentors to foster and support the entrepreneurs and innovators based in New York City, creating high-quality, high-value products made by New Yorkers, for local and international distribution.
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